Product description:

Modular or fixed sofa system. Structure in solid wood and plywood. Springing system consists of high-strength elastic belts.

Padding of frame consists of resilient polyurethane foam plates with different densities, covered with a layer of fiber 100% polyester. Padding of the seat cushions made up of a soul carrier crushproof fiber 100% cotton lining groundwater. Wooden leg. Non removable cover (removable only for sitting cushions).

Quotation request

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  • The oversize in length are widely achievable, the depth and height measurements cannot be changed.
    (Check the standard measurements shown in the data sheet, if they do not correspond to the ideal size, please indicate the size you need)
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  • After receiving your quote, if it is not possible for you to come to the Show Room, we will send you a sample of the chosen upholstery at home so that you can touch the material that will dress your sofa and see the color for yourself.
    The colors may undergo slight variations in shade compared to the samples sent. This diversity is given by different baths between different batches of fabric.

L. 113 cm / H. 72 cm / D. 90 cm

2-Seater sofa

L. 190 cm / H. 72 cm / D. 90 cm

3-Seater sofa

L. 215 cm / H. 72 cm / D. 90 cm


L. 70 cm / D. 70 cm